Government Contracts

Strategic Arrangements

At some point during the government contracting lifecycle a strategic business relationship may be vital to business growth in the short or long term. The Fluet Government Contracts team has vast experience helping government contractors from a variety of industries identify and utilize strategic business opportunities with other complimentary businesses. Our attorneys regularly guide government contractors through the mentor-protégé process, establishing joint ventures, as well as drafting and negotiating teaming agreements for particular opportunities.

Clients benefit from Fluet’s past experience including:

  • Involvement creating and negotiating mentor-protégé agreements and creation of joint ventures to perform work consistent with the mentor-protégé program.
  • Forming joint ventures to go after and perform specific opportunities.
  • Drafting and negotiating teaming agreements on behalf of prime and subcontractors for specific opportunities.

Government Contracts Chair

The Fluet Government Contracts team guides government contractors ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar conglomerates through the maze of rules and regulations to enable corporate success.