Litigation + Investigations

Boasting specialized and significant experience in courts across the country, Fluet attorneys have deep expertise in resolving disputes and handling investigations on behalf of clients. Our team of litigators regularly advocate for clients on a wide range of cases ranging from federal and state courts to federal agency boards, as well as in mediation and arbitration.

As part of a comprehensive practice, Fluet also guides clients through all types of investigations, whether an internal investigation initiated by the institution itself, or external investigations conducted by agencies, review boards or law enforcement. In every case, our attorneys focus on efficient and economically effective solutions tailored to the needs of each organization.

  • Aviation + Aerospace
  • Information Technology + Services
  • Intelligence Services
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Logistics + Supply Chain
  • Maritime Services + Shipbuilding
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Military + Defense Services
  • Research + Development
  • Security + Investigations
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Translation + Localization Services
  • Warehousing + Wholesale Distributors

Litigation + Investigations Co-Chairs

Fluet litigators have decades of combined experience handle all aspects of corporate and commercial litigation, as well as advise on audits, inquiries, and investigations from governmental or regulatory agencies.