Corporate + Transactional

Venture Capital + Private Equity

Venture Capital (VC) is all about relationships. From seed capital, start-up funds, growth capital, or mezzanine funding, accessing VC and other sources of private equity capital is about more than just the money. Sophisticated investors can bring invaluable guidance in the form of subject-matter expertise, marketing help, assistance with accessing customers and partners, and guidance with recruiting and fleshing out management teams. In return, angels, VC, and private equity funds are looking for aggressive growth with a goal of eventually exiting the company.

Unlike merger and acquisition deals, VC is generally the start of an ongoing relationship, not the end. As such, it is critical that advisors understand the nuance and subtlety of how financial and control provisions in the VC deal can impact how the business is run in the future. It is also equally important that the organization recognizes that “zero sum” negotiation can destroy the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Our Corporate + Transactional team proactively guides clients throughout the VC process to make informed decisions for the business, shareholders, and employees.

Our clients benefit from Fluet’s past VC experience including:

  • Negotiating non-disclosure agreements.
  • Negotiating term sheets and letters of intent.
  • Conducting pre-financing diligence and corporate cleanup.
  • Negotiating SAFEs, convertible promissory note, venture capital, and private equity transactions.
  • Negotiating Venture Debt financings.

Corporate + Transactional Chair

Fluet attorneys and staff provide more than just legal services; we partner with clients to guide key stakeholders through the myriad of decisions that arise from day-to-day operations to long-term strategic planning.