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Generative Artificial Intelligence + Data Science

The recent explosion in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science represent a tectonic shift in our relationship with technology. Significant changes for productivity, improved decision-making, data analysis and are certain in the near future for both the government and commercial users. Fluet’s multi-disciplinary team approach to helping companies develop and adapt to these cutting-edge technologies gives our clients access to the best advice currently available.

The regulatory landscape around Generative AI and Data Science is still in its infancy, and many key legal issues remain unresolved. Despite this uncertainty, Fluet already has extensive experience advising clients in areas of concern, including intellectual property protection, securities regulations, privacy, cybersecurity and employment practices (to name a few), both domestically and in international matters.

Our clients benefit from Fluet’s cutting edge knowledge and experience, including:

  • Advising technology-based companies from startup to mid-market and beyond.
  • Representing information technology, cybersecurity, and other technology companies working with the U.S. Federal Government.
  • Drafting terms of service, privacy policies, data usage agreements, data processing agreements, and other website and application policies
  • Drafting and negotiating technology licensing agreements.
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial agreements with a particular focus on liability, insurance, and indemnity obligations surrounding intellectual property risks.
  • Advising on privacy and data security issues.
  • Resolving disputes over intellectual property ownership.

Corporate + Transactional Chair

Fluet attorneys and staff provide more than just legal services; we partner with clients to guide key stakeholders through the myriad of decisions that arise from day-to-day operations to long-term strategic planning.