Litigation + Investigations

Corporate + Commercial Litigation

Fluet attorneys have substantial experience in commercial litigation ranging from ordinary business disputes to the most complex of cases. In all cases, Fluet litigators focus on achieving the most economical and efficient result for our client(s). We understand the costs and burdens of litigation, and thanks to knee insights and perspective, proactively work with clients to achieve the result that is best for business.

Fluet has robust experience in Corporate + Commercial Litigation, including:

  • Complex litigation, including multi-district litigation, litigation involving complex regulatory and statutory schemes, and cases of first impression.
  • Employment litigation defense, including Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) cases, waged disputes, and other employment-related litigation.
  • Disputes over corporate ownership, member, and shareholder rights, and “business divorces.”
  • Disputes arising from corporate mergers and acquisitions.
  • Disputes between government contractors, including prime/sub disputes.

Litigation + Investigations Co-Chairs

Fluet litigators have decades of combined experience handle all aspects of corporate and commercial litigation, as well as advise on audits, inquiries, and investigations from governmental or regulatory agencies.