International Trade

Foreign + Domestic International Due Diligence

A proven resource for rapid assessments and real-world perspectives, Fluet regularly provides clients with thoughtful intelligence and due diligence to be prepared for international business. Our attorneys deploy worldwide to perform comprehensive due diligence on key individuals, entities, and business opportunities and leverage deep operational, industry, and functional experience to identify and advise clients on fraud and corruption risk, regulatory and legal compliance issues, and insights that impact deal structure and value. Regardless of the operating environment, Fluet provides clients with the necessary information to make informed business decisions and the confidence to do business in even the most volatile and austere environments.

Our International Trade Practice assist clients by:

  • Leveraging multidisciplinary teams to provide clients with comprehensive due diligence and actionable advice.
  • Performing comprehensive buy side and sell side diligence.
  • Deploying on behalf of our clients to assess the viability of prospective opportunities and relationships.
  • Performing boots-on-the-ground intelligence gathering and investigations on individuals and companies anywhere in the world.
  • Developing mitigation strategies to address identified risks.
  • Advising on political, policy, and regulatory changes across markets and in key sectors.

International Trade Co-Chairs

Our attorneys are adept at both structuring and negotiating international transactions and managing the regulatory risks that are unique to global operations, all while leveraging a deep understanding of U.S. foreign policy and U.S. national security interests.