Fluet Partner Dave Jonas highlighted key issues surrounding nuclear non-proliferation law during his Outlooks on the Law Luncheon on Aug. 30 in The Forge, our firm’s event space.

Jonas has extensive experience in national security issues and is recognized as one of a handful of experts worldwide on nuclear non-proliferation law.

“Nuclear non-proliferation law is the means used to stop or limit proliferation by use of law, treaties, export controls, international organizations, and other non-military measures. Counter-proliferation, on the other hand, is using military force to stop proliferation,” Jonas said. “Israel has been active in this regard, bombing Iraq’s Osirak reactor in 1981 and Syria’s Al Kibar reactor in 2007. It can be very effective, except that states generally don’t appreciate being bombed.”

During the discussion, Jonas cited the Pressler Amendment as a law that intended to stop proliferation. The amendment was sponsored by former U.S. Senator Larry Pressler, who attended the lunch with Jonas, and it focused on reducing the risk that Pakistan would possess nuclear devices.

To read more about Jonas’ background in nuclear non-proliferation law, read his bio.