Chisel is the First Coworking Space for Lawyers in the DC Metro Area

Fluet announced they will open Chisel, a coworking space for corporate lawyers and law firms on August 1, 2017. 

Coworking spaces are rapidly expanding in the DC area. Yet, of the 70+ coworking spaces in the DC area, not a single one caters specifically to lawyers. A few co-working spaces serving lawyers have opened in other cities, but none are in the DC area. Fluet, a law firm recognized for its fast growth, will fill this void when it opens Chisel in Tysons, Virginia later this summer.

On why Fluet wanted to open a coworking space, Fluet Partner France Hoang said, “From our own experience starting and growing Fluet, we know there are ways to successfully practice law other than the traditional law firm model.  We wanted to create a better place to practice law, particularly for non-traditional, entrepreneurial lawyers. We believe the Tysons and DC area, in particular, are ready for a coworking space designed for lawyers.” 

The DC area has the highest concentration of lawyers in the U.S., with 1 out of 12 DC residents holding a JD.  75% of all lawyers nationwide are in private practice and, of those, half are solo practitioners.  Yet, solo practitioners have seen a 30% drop in real income between 1988 and 2012. Solo practitioners who survive and thrive will embrace innovation, which could include new technology and coworking spaces.


Chisel is designed specifically with the needs of lawyers in mind

  • Membership is open exclusively to lawyers and their staff

  • Lawyers can protect client confidentiality through the use of private telephone rooms, private offices, secluded/semi-secluded desks, lockable storage, and secure printing

  • A smart, modern space with multiple conference and huddle rooms appropriate for client meetings and depositions

  • Community events and activities that provide opportunities for networking and referrals

  • Classes and a mentoring program to help lawyers build their own practice

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Chisel is a coworking space for corporate lawyers and law firms in Tysons, Virginia. With thoughtful workspaces, flexible plans, convenient amenities, smart events, and a community of fellow entrepreneurial lawyers, Chisel is a better place to practice law. Chisel opens August 1, 2017. Signups begin June 30, 2017.  Limited space available. 

Chisel: Term for a group of lawyers / collective noun,
e.g.: Chisel of lawyers