Welcome to Traveling Spear, a weekly update on all things international arms sales, led by International Trade + Transactions Partner, Adam Munitz. 

  1. Colombia purchases Israel Aerospace Industries’ Barak MX air defense system. Interesting expansion by IAI, which comes on the heels of a deployment of the Barak to the UAE in October. Read more: Colombia buys Israeli-made Barak MX air defense system.
  2. Potential sales of non-lethal hardware, including new ISR capabilities, to Vietnam. Will exporters overcome the policy gaps between the Vietnamese and U.S. governments? Is this an early indicator that the U.S. will displace Russia as Vietnam’s principal arms supplier? Learn more: U.S. defense companies in talks to sell Vietnam helicopters, drones. 
  3. There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to arms sales: impressive 2021 gains by Middle East defense firms, a breakout year for Taiwan, and an uptick in PE involvement in the arms sector. Continue reading: Arms sales of SIPRI Top 100 arms companies grow despite supply chain challenges

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