Fluet Partner Kevin Byrnes appeared before a major media outlet to discuss long-standing retaliation and reprisal against military reservists who work as federal law enforcement agents.

Byrnes highlighted how extended reserve duty is perceived as selfish and disloyal by several federal law enforcement agencies.

Thus, employees advocating their rights to maintain their positions within agencies as senior or supervisory law enforcement agents have faced intense hostility following prolonged reserve duty and are often denied promotions and advancement opportunities.

Such conduct directly violates the Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) and was the principle evil Congress sought to eradicate when it amended the act in recent years.

In line with Fluet’s history with and commitment to members of the Armed Forces, our firm has an extensive practice related to USERRA. Led by Byrnes, the USERRA practice group helps government and private employees who are current or past members of the Armed Forces on matters related to their employment.

See more information about our USERRA practice group here.