As lawmakers work to pass a funding deal before midnight, our team offers guidance to contractors in the event of a government shutdown.

  1. Contact your Contracting Officer and ask:
    – “Is the work performed under the contract deemed an ‘essential’ activity necessary to protecting life and property?”
    – “Should contract performance continue in the event of a shutdown?”
  2. Don’t stop working until you receive a stop work order.
  3. Document everything. Make a note of what you are told and by whom, as well as if you incur additional expenses because of a shutdown. 
  4. If you have any questions or concerns, contact an Fluet government contracting attorney. Our government contracting team has significant experience and can guide you through the maze of applicable rules and regulations to enable your corporate success.

The Department of Defense has also released guidance in case of a shutdown, which can be accessed here (go to page 6 for contractors). 

Contact our Government Contracts Practice Group with any questions.