Fluet Partner Adam Munitz, alongside Vice President of Focal Point Global Hussainatu Blake, recently spoke at the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics’ 17th Annual Compliance and Ethics Institute in Las Vegas.

In his presentation, called “Dos and Don’ts for Compliance Personnel at International Non-Profits,” Munitz outlined the laws and regulations of which non-profits should be aware prior to operating in non-permissive environments, the unique ethics and compliance challenges faced by non-profits working overseas, and strategies for developing an effective ethics and compliance program that is tailored to non-profits.

“I spend much of my time supporting defense contractors,” Munitz said, “but, from a compliance standpoint, defense contractors and non-profits operating overseas actually face a similar array of challenges. Furthermore, both can easily be misled by their noble objectives, and both typically hire former government and military personnel that no longer have unlimited compliance resources at their fingertips.”

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